Do Algorithms Betray the Trust of Customers?

Instructions:This final paper marks the culmination of this course on business ethics. In this final paper, you mustargue for and defend a position related to some concern in business ethics. You must identify a topicyou wish to write about, submit an outline based on your selected topic, and then expand on this topicin your final paper. Every final paper must have the following:(1) An introduction(2) A clear thesis statement/argument(3) Arguments that support the thesis statement(4) A response to at least one counter-argument(5) The use of real-world business examples to support your point(6) The use of at least one example from personal experience to support your view(7) References to and the use of at least two peer-reviewed sources(8) A conclusion(9) Proper formatting – in accordance with the Chicago Style, MLA, or APA(10)A bibliography