Discuss what is meant by the term “Rituals of Racism.” Identify and discuss a specific “ritual,” its manifest and latent functions, and how it operates to maintain/justify the current system of domination.

You must answer 2 of the following 4 questions. You must integrate both the lecture materials and the required reading from thetext into your paper. I must see a clearconnection with the chapter or required readings, videos, or other coursematerials. You must provide scholarly support for your essays. These essays arenot asking for your feelings!!!!!A.Discusswhat is meant by the term “Rituals of Racism.” Identify and discuss a specific“ritual,” its manifest and latent functions, and how it operates tomaintain/justify the current system of domination. It has been suggested that the oppressedbecome active agents of their own oppression. You are to discuss the Killthe Indian, Save the Man video as a means of developing an argument toaddress the larger discourse concerning the language of oppression and ritualof racism. Discuss the Kill the Indian, Save the Man video. How does this video challenge popular culturalnarratives about the purpose of education? address the presence of White Privilege?Does White Privilege exist? Do other forms of racial privilege exist, discuss,and develop? The Saphir-Worph Hypothesis concludes that “language shapesthe views of reality of its speakers.” If this is true, how then, is thelanguage used to maintain the system of oppression (deal specifically withrace). If language is not oppressive, develop an argument that explainssociology’s fascination with language and how it is used to shape our socialrealities. In terms of the materials covered in class, do sports teams mascotsfurther contribute to the “Rituals of Racism” we have been discussingor has the significance of these teams, and their names/mascots, been drasticallyexaggerated, explain? What is the significance of having an animal vs. a groupof people as a mascot? Is this simply a matter of choice, or does thisillustrate something much more complex than what is being manifest at thesurface level??B.Whatare the 3 “domains” of power? Identify one domain and develop anargument that clearly demonstrates the way this “domain” is used to maintainthe system of oppression. Once a specific domain has been identified, you mustalso identify, at a minimum, one area (1 of the 9 key areas of racismidentified in class) of racism and demonstrate how it operates within the“domain” you have chosen. Clearly operationalize the term racism. Distinguishracism from prejudice, stereotyping, and ethnic conflict. In this part of yourresponse, you must clearly address the issue of “power” and how itoperates to maintain a system of racial domination. The idea of power must alsobe utilized to address one concept identified as an advantage of racism. Inrelationship to the “advantages of racism, you are to explain how the racialprivilege experienced by a specific group operates to protect the interest of thegroup, their progeny, and the “buffer zone” they have created (colonialadministrators). In your analysis of the “advantages of racism,” you mustidentify the greatest “advantage” the dominant group receives, explain? Howdoes fear, not ignorance, drive the complex relationships which maintain racismin society?C.What is ethnicity, explain? What is meant bythe term “Melting Pot?” What is the purpose of the “meltingpot?” In detail, describe what happens to an individual at each of thefour stages of assimilation. Explain how the assimilation process occurswithout individuals having knowledge of it even when it is happening to them.Identify the institution that you believe is the most influential in relationto the assimilation process. Give specific examples of the way this institutionoperates to “carry out” the process. How does the “Melting Pot” serve to justify and maintain “popular culturalracism?” How does the “Melting Pot”contribute to the notion of falseconsciousness, i.e., the “oppressed becoming active agents in their ownoppression? Develop an argument that clearly addresses, provide examples, theidea that because of a pattern ofpaternalistic race relations, the oppressed take on the ideas of theoppressors and become participants in maintaining the system of oppressionrather than dismantling it. In your discussion, you must demonstrate how race etiquette established in the earlybeginnings of the U.S. has helped to create and sustain the patterns of popularcultural racism we discussed in class.
D. What are the differences betweenimmigrant and colonized minorities? How does each status impacta group and their relationship to the social system? What is meant by the terms rigid competitive vs. fluid competitive racerelations, explain? Explain the importance of ascribed status inrelation to a racial caste system. Ifa racial caste system has ever existedin a society, even if it appears to no longer exist, what type of “legacy” might it produce? Would this legacy impact the current state ofracial affairs, explain? As a result of the U.S. presidential election of 2008many individuals have argued that the U.S. has moved into a Post-Racial Era. First, what is youranalysis of this Post-Racial Era? Next,is it plausible that an election of one individual has the potential toeradicate a legacy of racial domination, explain? Finally, if race is ofdeclining significance, what does/would this mean for those who exist on themargins? Explain Ideological Racism. How does the presence of ideological racism complicate theideologies presented through the arguments attached to the Post-Racial Era discourse? Arguments of Cultural Inferioritysuggest that culture, not racism, is to blame for various “failures” within thesocial system of the U.S. Consequently, certain racial groups practice variouscultural patterns which have contributed to their “failings” in the socialstructure. Using the ideas presented by CulturalInferiority you are to explore the ways in which racial stratification hascreated specific (identify) cultural nuances that serve to reproduce patternsof racial dominance under the guise of cultural inadequacy.
To gain full credit for the journal quiz, you MUST useinformation from the required reading, lecture, videos, and other academicsources to support your answers. This paper is not simply based on youropinion. Your ideas must be informed by the literature. Please contact me ifyou need assistance with this.
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