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Please write an essay on these two questions: How is it possible to see Christ as the Prince of Peace when the whole world is full of violence and hatred? Is it possible to love our enemies, or to even be pacifists who do not kill our enemies?Please use microsoft .doc or .docx and follow the instructions as you see them.Please No plagiarism you can use the BIBLE or study book but not word from word.This course is Religion 312Make sure to read the instructions lately the writers are not reading.



Spend at least two hours doing a Google News search on the word “Marxism.” During that time, read at least 10 articles related to the topic. Pick the five stories that you found most helpful/compelling and use them to create an annotated bibliography. For each entry in your bibliography, include the name of the news story, the link to the story, a paragraph explaining what the news story teaches about Marxism, and whether or not it presents it as a positive or a negative.

The Struggles to Ratify the Constitution

Linear Momentum Lab report

challenges faced during covid by people working in the Food industry (a), healthcare workers (b) and the steps taken by the government to help them (c)

How did the occupation of palestine traumatize children

Building upon Lectures and Readings, as well as your own additional research and review of academic and policy literature, students will submit a 10-12 page (maximum 3000 word) summary of various approaches to how the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child has been implemented in Canada and beyond – i.e. within research; education; social work; health; recreation; or youth justice settings.

For your research review paper you will conduct your own, miniature literature review about a topic of your choice that relates to human sexuality. The goal of the paper is to give you the opportunity to review the scientific literature surrounding a topic you are interested in, with a level of detail that we may not be able to cover in class.

Tasty Toni’s (Food Truck)-Fictional

“Investment Appraisal Methods are valuable tools for corporate decision-making”