Discuss what information the genogram could provide to you.

This is your first appointment with Marco and Maria, a teenager and his grandmother. Maria is also Marco’s legal guardian. Watch Marco and Maria introduce themselves (3:40 minutes)Links to an external site. (Marco transcriptLinks to an external site.).Answer the following questions from your perspective as Marco’s psychiatric nurse practitioner.Identify the steps you would take and the techniques you would use to develop a therapeutic alliance with Marco and Maria. Would you include Juan and Elisa in the assessment process? Why or why not?You decide to complete a genogram. How would you explain the purpose and function of the genogram to Marco and Maria?Discuss what information the genogram could provide to you. Explain how that information could be used to develop a treatment intervention strategy.Post your original response by the end of Day 3. Then, by the end of Day 6, respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.Please Note