Discuss significance of sustainability from a project management perspective.

For individual assignment students are required to write an essay on the following topic:Discuss significance of sustainability from a project management perspective.
2000 words (+ or – 10%)Use academic sources, journal articles, magazine reports etc. Minimum of 8 referencesUse Harvard Style referencingThis 2000-word essay should discuss why it is significant to link sustainability into projects and project management. It is important to bring in relevant examples to enhance your key points.
The essay should have an introduction (describing what the essay entails), sections and sub-sections for appropriate content, along with a conclusion (key insights from essay). It will be necessary to define the concept of sustainability, perhaps within the introduction of the report. A quality essay will use at least two projects as examples in the discussion. It is important that your discussion is supported with references (using the Harvard referencing system).
Finally, think about the presentation of your essay. It may benefit from a contents page (subsections), relevant figures, tables, and page numbers. Referencing is essential. A reference list, where different reports, quality websites, journal articles and books must be at the end of the essay (in alphabetical order).