Discuss one of the themes in chapter 3 of Night.

Holocaust Poetry:
Hitler’s First Photograph
Could Have
First They Came
Never Shall I Forget
Night, Chapter 3
1. Choose a similar theme, lesson, symbol, or struggle within 2 works and analyze the speakers and how they come to terms or don’t come to terms with their conflicts.
2. Discuss one of the themes in chapter 3 of Night. (only 1 primary source here).
Instructions: Compose a critical analysis essay on one of the topics below. Your essay should be well developed, unified, coherent, and grammatically correct. Refer to the Grading Criteria for MCC English Classes in the First Day Handout for this course. Required length: 3-4 full pages.
Create a thesis statement, and back up your claim with support/evidence from the text. Support should contain clear, specific examples from the story you are analyzing, as well as documentation for all text references. Include at least 2-3 quotations from the poems in each body paragraph of your essay, for a total of 6 quotations.
You must find 3 articles from a Literary Database (Literary Reference Center or Ebsco Host) and use them within your paper, for a total of 6 quotes total from your secondary sources. Remember, a critical literary article is not just a google search, but it is an article written by an expert in the field who is adding understanding and importance to the work.
When you find a source in Ebsco, look at the right side of screen and click “Cite” then scroll to find the MLA formatting. It does the Works cited entry for you! Copy and paste to your essay and fix any indentions, fonts, etc. to make it work.
If your secondary article about the story quotes from the actual story, do NOT use those quotes as part of your secondary research. You can get those quotes from the original story, so do not pretend that is your research. Your secondary source research needs to say something enlightening, analytical, interesting about the story, the characters, the themes.
To access the databases from home, here is the login info for MCC’s library page:username: magn0118password: MCCeagle#1Follow MLA format: Use size 12, Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins; double space. Include a Work Cited page. It is not included in the length requirement; it should appear on a separate page at the end of your paper. Without a Works Cited page and/or secondary sources, you will receive a zero on this assignment because it would not be a research essay, and I say that in the nicest way possible.
Breakdown of Research Essay:
3 Secondary Sources from Database. – use at least one time each (but can use more), but you need a total of 6 quotes total from your secondary sources. (So Source # 1 you might just use once but Source # 2 you could use 3xs, Source # 3 use 2xs). If you are writing about one of the poems not by Elie Wiesel, you may use 1 article from the Internet but no more. Feel free to run it by me first.Each source you use must be in the Works Cited page and the last name listed there should be the one I find in your citation within the paper and after each quote.Attributive Tag the first time you use a source/author with his or her first and last name and title of article.Primary Source (short stories)- use at least 6 direct quotes with proper citation.OutlineFinal Draft- Make it perfect! It counts 20% of your final grade for this class. Use the online tutoring if you need to or even if you don’t need to. Nothing wrong with making a 100 on this! : )