Discuss on what is Global Warming.

Discuss on what is Global Warming.For the Term Project, you are required to write an Expository Essay, which is a type of essay that requires you to investigate an idea, evaluate evidence, expound on the idea, and create an argument concerning that idea, in a clear and concise manner. The objective of the Term Project assignment is to analyze the major question of the course which is, In what ways can art effect change?
This assignment is required and worth 400 points of your final course grade. This Essay fulfills the Scholarship In Practice Requirement for this course.
In 1,500 words, your essay will focus on ONE environmental topic (chosen from the list provided) and will select TWO eco-artists that create art about that same environmental topic. The artists you choose must be artists working within the environmental topic you chose. You may choose artists featured in this course (from the module materials or course textbook) or one can be an eco-artist you have found in your own research.
In the Term Project Essay, you will introduce the environmental topic and then the artists to the reader. Next you will compare the artistic discipline, materials, and strategies of both artists and the ways that these artists are working in similar ways to effectively create change within the environment and/or community.
The essay will conclude with a proposed idea for a project that these two artists could collaborate on a project together. Think of it as a ″Mash Up″, when you put the two together what would they do? Unlike a traditional research essay you have the opportunity in your conclusion to BE CREATIVE, so do your best to think up a unique project and be very desсrіptive about the details.Title Page: Please include: Assignment Title, Your Name, Professor′s Name, Class/Section, and Date.
Paragraph 1 (Introduction): Introduce the eco-issue and artists you are writing about and write a clear thesis statement.
In the first paragraph set the stage for the reader. Introduce the issue and your artists: In this first paragraph, briefly introduce the environmental art topic you will be focusing on. Demonstrate the relevance of this issue by providing research based facts and statistical data and briefly introduce your artists. Then create a thesis statement. A thesis statement identifies the subject you are writing about and your opinion of that subject.
Paragraph 2 (Body): Give information about your first artist.
Provide some background research on Artist 1 and describe the type of work they do. Identify a work of art by this artist, including title and date. State how this work relates to the environmental topic that you have identified. What has this artist said about their work?
Paragraph 3 (Body): Give information about your second artist.
Provide some background research on Artist 2 and describe the type of work they do. Identify a work of art by this artist, including title and date. State how this work relates to the environmental topic that you have identified. What has this artist said about their work?
Paragraph 4 (Body): Compare and contrast these two artists and artworks.
Describe how these artists and their works are similar and also different. Use specific details when comparing their artistic discipline, materials and strategies they use. Based on your research and analysis share with the reader your personal perspective and evaluate how effective you think the two artists are in the conveying the the context of their work.
Paragraph 5 (Artist Collaboration Idea + Conclusion): Describe your artist collaboration idea and conclude your essay.
The conclusion paragraph is the place to use a cultural, artistic, or philosophical approach to propose a collaborative project that could indeed affect change.First make an argument for why these two artists should collaborate together on an art project. Next, give specific details on details like: materials to be used, process of how the artists will make it, what will it visually look like, how will people interact with it, where would it be located, how would it impact the community and/or create awareness about the issue, etc. Think about creating a new dynamic project based on both artists′ styles and previous interests, rather than re-creating a project they have already done. Conclude your essay with statements that support your thesis, like why the eco-topic deserves attention and how the collaboration would affect change within the environment.
Bibliography: Please also include a Bibliography page at the end of your Term Project, noting your sources in the proper Chicago Manuel of Style format. Please note that this is NOT your Annotated Bibliography. It is just a regular bibliography, without the annotations. Some sources may be added or changed as you begin writing this assignment from your Annotated bibliography. The citations listed in your bibliography should have a working link to the source.
OBJECTIVE THIRD PERSON PERSPECTIVE: Please write your Essay using the objective 3rd person point of view, avoiding the use of I, we, you, and us. The tone should be objective. Please review examples in the Term Project Essay Module.
CMS FORMAT FOOTNOTES: Your essay should also be formatted in the Chicago Manual of Style that uses numbered footnotes to identify cited information. Your sources should directly reference your numbered footnotes and make your cited information clear to the reader. Please review the CMS Help Module and/or Appendix C in the syllabus for examples of using CMS citations. Please review the ″CMS Help Module″ and Appendix C of the syllabus for CMS style tutorials and examples.This Expository Essay should be written in the 3rd person and use Chicago Manual of Style formatting, including numbered footnotes.
Link for Marina Zurkow- https://web-p-ebscohost-com.proxy.lib.fsu.edu/ehost/ebookviewer/ebook?sid=d21f734a-f8f3-4ea6-9abe-c9d8f209fba3%40redis&ppid=Page-__-174&vid=0&format=EK
Link for Tavares-https://web-p-ebscohost-com.proxy.lib.fsu.edu/ehost/ebookviewer/ebook?sid=d21f734a-f8f3-4ea6-9abe-c9d8f209fba3%40redis&ppid=Page-__-174&vid=0&format=EK
you have to include 6 sources