Discuss on the Research Method and Statistics Colorism

TDiscuss on the Research Method and Statistics Colorismhis papaer is an updated paper from RMS1. I am not in RMS2. I have to atleast make a B in the class, so the paper must be a really good one! The paper must inclube an abstract that argues the hypothesis, along with articles, spss results and methods, discussion, previous research, APA format, and the conclusion.Introduction and lit review has to be very strongMethod section msuct include gender, subheadings, measures, and procdures that was used(survey)Results section msut include the p-value, standard deviation, interpretation, and the t-testDiscussion section has to be in depth with the limitations, strengths, and suggestions for future research, implications for policy and practive if applicableEmpiral citations(I have the 4 articles that’s needed)APA styles(citation and in cite)Spelling and grammarLength at least 8-10 pagesOverall has to be organized and relaible with cohension across parts of the paper
My reseaarch topic: The social Impact of Colorism among African American Women
I have the data that’s needed for the paper.Involving the survey, how it was done, how many people, gender, the questions that was asked, how they were asked, and etc. I can also, send an example of how the paper should look from a student that took RMS2 last semester and recieved an A on her paper.
I can talk about the paper in further detail.
Thank you for your timeBest,Destiny Baldwin