Discus son Visual Rhetoric and Film Criticism.

Discus son Visual Rhetoric and Film Criticism.
Preform an visual/movie rhetoric of the scene from it
Step 1Watch the film. To provide deep critique, you need to pay undivided attention to the details while watching the film. Take notes, noticing your perception of the film?Subjectively ask ‘what do I like?’ ‘what do I not like?’What are the moves in the production?Is it predictable, or could you ‘enjoy’ the story?
Step 2Identify the main elements.
Step 3Analyze the characters.Who are they; what role do they play – not just the acting role, but how they make the story work.Identify the protagonist, antagonist, and the supporting cast.What values do they embody?How do they want you to ‘change?’Is there identification?
Step 4The role of cast members and director.When doing your movie critique, you should also consider the people who created it.“They are not limited merely to actors, directors, and producers but also include music orchestra, camera-men, engineers, visual artists, etc.”What is the directors story/history/ideology?Does the presence of an actor say something more than just their skill?
Step 5Story short outline. ”Make mention of the main storyline. Do not go into details and subtleties of the plot. The purpose of a movie critique essay is not to give a summary of the movie but to analyze it. Your main task is to give the readers insight into what the film is about.”Remember; what are you analysing – the screen play, or the over all product?
Step 6Writing process.Come up with a hypothesis and a research question.Are you going to use a theoretical frame work?Birzer, Burke, metaphor etc.