Credit Accptance Analysis

Your task is to write a professional analyst report on Credit Acceptance Corp. with 1,500 to 2,000 words in length (including references, tables, etc.). The main purpose of this assignment is to apply course content to a real-world example. Start with an introduction on the company and its industry. Then, relate the relevant concepts discussed in class to the company using available information with proper citation. A complete analysis also includes reasoning about the company’s good/poor performance (on different dimensions) and/or predictions about its future based on (supported by) course materials and concepts. There are different sources to find information about the company including (but not limited to):
Teacher Feedback:
This essay provides good information about the company but the main part is missing, and that is the link to course materials. Applying course content to a real-world example is what this assignment is all about. For example, in the section “Inability to Execute Business Strategy”, you have discussed how the company focuses on operational efficiency. First of all, this is related to functional strategies and how they are implemented. Second, you can explain what “business-level” strategy is the company pursuing (or should be pursuing) that fits this functional strategy (refer to chapter 4). The section “Cooperation Achievement” can be related to organization development (chapter 8). If you cannot relate a piece of information you have about the company to course materials and concepts, just remove it and try to find new ones. You can start with the concepts and terms we discuss in class and search for them coupled with the company’s name. For example, search for organizational chart and explain what type of structure the company is using (chapter 7) and also why that is an appropriate or inappropriate structure based on the business/industry/etc.
The files attached is what we went over in the class.Also we paper is attached also if you want to look at it.