Create a PowerPoint presentation explaining the elements of effective report writing.

Option #2: Effective Report WritingIn this assignment, you will demonstrate effective report writing skills, which is critical for all criminal justice professionals. Reports from accidents, crime scenes, and statements are vital to an investigation. Cases can be won or lost based on reports; therefore, it behooves investigators to develop writing skills so they can communicate clearly and effectively.ScenarioYou are a police sergeant in charge of reviewing and approving reports before they become permanent record. You have been asked by your captain to present effective report writing to new recruits.Assignment DetailsCreate a PowerPoint presentation explaining the elements of effective report writing.As part of your presentation, analyze an actual police report for the recruits to be made aware of the report’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, include recommendations to improve and modify the report.Your presentation must meet the following requirements.Include an introduction slide with the title of the presentation, your name, and the submission date. Also include a references slide.Six or more slides of easy-to-understand content (text and visuals). Remember, your audience are new recruits who know nothing about effective report writing.Speaker’s notes containing 50-100 words per slide to elaborate on the slide. Support your notes with at least two peer-reviewed, scholarly references