corporal punishment in schools

Using the sources from your research proposal and annotated bibliography assignment, write aresearch essay using the Toulmin model of argumentation. The essay should be formattedaccording to Chicago Manual Style. It should take a clear argumentative position on yourchosen issue/problem and analyze your research sources. In addition to these requirements,the essay should also include the following:▪ A cover page with an informative title and all required information▪ A table of contents listing all essay components that follow, including major sections ofthe essay, divided according to section headings▪ An essay abstract▪ An essay of 6-8 pages following the Toulmin model of argumentation▪ Introductory paragraph(s) that explain the purpose (research question), the scope ofthe research, and provide a preview of the major sections of the essay.▪ Well structured body paragraphs▪ A conclusion that reminds readers of the relevance of the issue and makes suggestionsfor further research.▪ Informative section headings throughout the essay, where appropriate▪ A minimum of 10 footnotes for at least five (5) sources from your proposal andbibliography.▪ A bibliography with a minimum of 5 entries. Sources should be academic in nature suchas peer-reviewed/scholarly journal articles or monographs▪ An appendix that provides relevant information for readers and reflects your research.This information may be referred to throughout the essay. It may consist of diagrams,tables, charts, graphs, images, or primary sources discussed in the essay.