Continuity and Change

One of the skills that historians rely on is the ability to trace continuity and change over time. Why do some things stay the same, while other things change?For this workshop assignment, you are going to read the 9/11 memories of people who were mostly around your age when it happened. A few were older, but most were still in college. You will then complete an assignment with TWO PARTS:Part I: You are going to find at least THREE (3) ways that their description of being college students is the same (or at least similar) to yours, as well as THREE (3) ways that their description is different from your experience in 2022. So SIX (6) things total. You need to draw on specific evidence from the document to do this.Part II: You will also offer a possible explanation for the similarity or change for EACH of these six items. In other words, why do you think their college experiences over two decades earlier are similar and different in the ways that you found?Make sure you focus on the memories of people who you can tell were in college at the time! Again, not all of them were!You may not use any other sources besides the primary source document provided in this folder.***You DO NEED TO USE IN-TEXT CITATIONS for this assignment! Here’s what I want you to do: for each citation, include the person whose memories you are citing, and the paragraph where you are getting the evidence. Each paragraph has number in brackets at the beginning. So, for example, (Ryan C., 5). Any assignment with no in-text citations will receive an automatic zero.***