Compare Agile & Just in Time Data Modeling to Relational Models

Write a 3 page paper (at model 1.2 spacing, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins with at most one half of the paper including a figure, citations not included) responding to the below question. You must use reliable academic and industry resources. You must have at least one resource that connects your topic to industry. You can have 1 additional page for your cover page and 1 additional page for references.
Agile Data Modeling and Just in Time Data Modeling is an emerging trend in database management. Define what it is and compare it to the relational model. Finally, find one example where it has been used and describe how it is being used in that application area.
For the citation section of the paper, IEEE is required for it. Everything else could be MLA. Your topic should pull resources papers from recognized academic institutions like IEEE, ACM, Elsevier, AAAS, etc. If you use websites, they need to be well documented and shown to be a reliable sources. Sources like Wikipedia are not acceptable. You should have at least five references.
You can have only 10% of your paper directly quoted from a source. Minimally, each paragraph after the introduction and the conclusion should have at least 1 citation, preferably more to corroborate the information.