clear cutting/logging

Clear-cutting and logging of tropical rain forests causes issues with excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and low rainfall. The land that is cleared and used for farming become depleted of nutrients and thus are useless. Do we have any right to tell other countries how to manage their lands, such as rain forests? If we explain the consequences of clear-cutting the rain forests but that government decides to continue with the process, should we interfere?


Discussion on Class Content

For each chapter, select and identify at least 1 key term, concept, or example in each chapter that you are having a hard time with. Explain why you are struggling with it.

Discuss the findings, results. What were some of the most noteworthy results? 0.50 point

Get Out Compared to Split

Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide

Explain how this article fits into the overall field of psychology. Then, identify the corresponding chapter(s) from your textbook.

You might consider some elements of theme, character, scene, suspense, foreshadowing, etc. Consider if/how elements differ between versions. Do they alter the theme, the conclusion, or the interpretation? Do the versions create a different tone or mood? Are the two versions two entirely different pieces of literature?

Should ethics committees be concerned with the ratio of medical students who specialize and those who don’t?

What are the various ways that people use body language or paralanguage to add details to what is being said or what they are hearing from the other person? What types of behaviors seem ‘culturally patterned’ for your age group in your cultural setting?”

Assessment Case study