Challenging Customer Experiences

The readings describe ten characteristics of challenging customers. When dealing with customers, is should be expected that we will come across challenging customers who have one or more of the characteristics. The purpose of this discussion is to formulate a “best practice” plan in resolving the situation.
Challenging customers can be put in different categories, due to the characteristics they exhibit. Each type of customer may need to be supported in different ways, especially in the way they are communicated with. The categories identified in the readings include:

Older customers
Impatient customers
Angry customers
Analytical customers
Noncommittal customers
Superior customers
Immature customers
Talkative customers
Customers with special needs

Think of a time when you have dealt with or have witnessed a customer being challenging. Address the following in your initial response:

Describe the situation.
Identify the characteristic(s) displayed by the customer.
Describe the response of the employee.
Evaluate the effectiveness- was the situation resolved? Why or why not?
Based on the readings of this module, what could the representative have done differently?