case study of a school shooter

You will be required to create a PowerPoint presentation with the following information:History of the offenderFamily HistoryDetails of the shooting event/information on the victimsApplication of at least 3 theories discussed in class to help explain the offender’s behaviorOutcome of the event (new laws, foundation, etc.)Discuss any other relevant, interesting, or important information regarding the event, outcome, or relevance to the courseSample Topics – School ShootersVirginia Tech Shooting – Seung-Hui ChoSandy Hooke Elementary School Shooting – Adam LanzaMarjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting – Nikolas CruzColumbine High School Shooting – Eric Harris and Dylan KleboldSanta Fe High School Shooting – Dimitrios PagourtzisUmpqua Community College – Chris Harper-MercerRed Lake Senior High School – Jeff WeiseSanta Monica College – John Samir ZawahriMarysville Pilchuck High School – Jaylen Ray FrybergNorthern Illinois University – Steven Kazmierczak