Can Human Resource Management Improve Schools’ Performance?

100% ZERO PLAGARISMStudents will be required to complete a critique of peer reviewed journal article on a Human Resource related topic. The journal article critique will provide students with an opportunity to locate and analyze peer reviewed research. The journal critique must be a minimum of four pages single spaced (not including title page and reference section).Critique must include:(a) an abstract, or concise summary, of this article (i.e., using your own words, include a description of the problem or issue under study, the researcher’s hypothesis, one or two of the most important findings – maximum 250 words).(b) identification of the methods used by the researchers to gather data (i.e., describe the research briefly. What is the rationale for the research? What was hypothesized? Who are the subjects of the study? How were they located or invited to participate? Were the hypotheses supported? What were the major findings?).(c) summary regarding what about your topic you learned from this article.(d) your recommendations regarding how the findings can be implemented in real world settings.The reference section should contain the citation for the article using APA format (i.e., author(s) of the article, title of the article, name of the periodical, volume and issue number, and page numbers);