Business Success Paper

For this 3–4 page (not including cover andreference pages) APA compliant paper, respond to the following:The most significant challenge(s) you see inthis rapidly changing global economy to business success for startupcompanies seeking to expand globally. Your thoughts and hypothesis on thesechallenges should be supported by at least two scholarly sources in addition to the readings and videosfor this week to achieve a high degree of credibility.Describe the skills that willbe needed by leaders, individuals, and teams to overcome these challenges.Support your thoughts with research from at least two scholarlysources in addition to the Reading and videos for this week toachieve a high degree of credibility.Provide a work or personalexample of a time when you took a leadership role, what skills did you usein this leadership role and what the results were. If you looked back, wasthere anything you would have done differently to be more effective?Conclude by providing specificexamples of how you can use this information to achievesuccessful performance in business.ReferenceOllila, J. (2013). Facing up to our globalchallenges in a volatile world. Vital Speeches of the Day, 79(1), 15-18.