Select the data range that you desire for pivot table (A1:E121) and then click insert tab ->Pivot Chart option -> PivotChart & PivotTable option. Excel will display the Create PivotTable dialog box. Choose to put the PivotTable in a New Worksheet and click OK. Excel will display a blank pivot table report where you can add the fields you desire. Place checkmarks next to region, sales and year fields. Leave “region” in the rows area and move sum of year to the columns area. Change the value field settings for sales by clicking the drop down arrow on sum of sales ->value field setting. Excel will display the value field setting dialog box. Choose average from the options and click OK. The pivot table will now display average sales amounts by year for each region. Notice both a pivot table and a chart will be created simultaneously. Pivot table should have an informative title Graph should have informative title and axis labels. Feel free to update design/theme/color scheme for graphs. Copy & paste pivot table and graph neatly into Word. A brief description/explanation should accompany table providing any insights gained from using pivot table and chart