Brand Analytics of Aston Martin and Maserati

The writer will be required to generate a range of data analysis output from a variety of sourcesand/or dataset. This include development of perceptual maps to demonstrate how the brandis positioned against competitors, show how the chosen brand can be repositioned in a givenmarket, and show how this brand can own a new market/segment.Individual coursework structure:1) Brand overview/Current situation analysis:The analysis technique to understand the brand’s strengths andweaknesses, and for identifying new business ideas that allow the company to moveinto new markets or target new segments. When performing this analysis, the mostcareful attention should be paid to the main issues and considerations that currentlyaffect your chosen brand.2) Data collection methodologyHere we need to measure what are the key performance measures. how did youchoose your measures? how will you collect your data (secondary or primary orboth), what data sources and methods are considered? When writing your datacollection methodology, it is important to justify your choices.(APPENDIX 1 & APPENDIX 2)3) Data analysis and findingsYou need to source data from various sources to analyze the brand, its performance,and compare with their main competitor performance.To draw meaningful p e r c e p t u a l maps, you must specify the boundaries of themarket in which you’re interested. Once you’ve defined the market, you need tospecify the primary benefits customers consider when buying the product you areinterested in. To determine that primary benefits, you must first draw up a list of thebenefits offered by all the different products/brands in the market and gather dataon how customers perceive those benefits. When you have identified the primarybenefits, you are ready to collect data on how customers perceive the primary benefitseach brand offers, and then draw a positioning map by plotting the position of everybrand in the marketplace according to its customers’ perception of the primary benefits.4) RecommendationsBased on the current situation analysis of the selected brand, your data analyses andfindings, what will be your recommendations to move this brand forward?Grading criteria guidelinesThe criteria outlined below are for guidance only and do not constitute a definitive markingscheme: Background of the chosen brand Market definition Identification of the primary benefits the chosen brand offers Identification of the main competitors Data collection methodology Choice and use of secondary and primary data/sources Visualizations and interpretation of the positioning maps Data analysis and presentation Recommendations for the branding strategy Creativity and critical thinking throughout the report Writing style throughout the report.