Book Report- Redefining realness: My path to womanhood, identity, love and so much more

Students will read “Redefining realness: my path to womanhood, idenitity, love and so much more” and write a 4-5 page report that compares the content with gender, sexuality, social justice, and intersectionality characteristics using the following guidelinesSummary of the book – Summarize the life experience of the individuals by identifying the gender, sexuality, and social justice presented throughout the book. Share examples from the book to support your selection of the issue.Application of intersectionality characteristics to the wheel.Discuss how the individuals in the book experience relate to intersectionality. Cite Crenshaw and/or Collins to support your answer.Using the wheel of intersectionality as a guide, describe and detail three intersecting aspects of the individual’s lives presented in the book.A critical review of gender, sexuality, social justice issues, and intersectionality characteristics. Read articles related to the gender, sexuality, or social justice issue of the individual in the book and articles related to the same intersecting characteristics as in question 3. Then develop a response to either a) or b) below and support your answer with information from the literature.What action is being done in the 21st Century to support or address the intersecting characteristics experienced by the individual in the book?What critiques from the literature indicate that not enough is being done to address the intersecting characteristics experienced by the individual in the book?