Black Arts Movment

The art, music, and literature of the Black Arts Movment (BAM) often carried strong political meaning.Write a 500-750 word essay that follows these instructions:For this assignment, you must choose at least two literary works associated with the Black Arts Movement and discuss how each one makes a political statement. You may use the readings provided in this unit, or you may choose your own, as long as whatever you choose is commonly associated with the Black Arts Movement. This essay will require some outside research to help you build your discussion. A Works Cited and in-text citations are required. Your essay should also consider the following:What were some of the historical and social events and circumstances that influenced the Black Arts Movement?How did the Black Arts Movement portray the experiences of African Americans?In the works you have selected, what messages are the artists communicating? (think politically, socially, and culturally)Who do you think the intended audience was for these works?What influence did the Black Arts Movement have on American society‚Äďare these message still important today? Why or why not?