Best-Self Portrait

In your paper, you need to summarize your strengths (NO weakness!!!). In addition, please compare the similarity and the difference of the 4-5 responses you have received. For example, if all your respondents say that you are a good team player, that would be a similar observation from all your respondents. If your friend thinks you are caring, which is not mentioned by your boss. Instead, your boss thinks you have strong leadership skills, which is not mentioned by your friend or your family member. Then, you need analyze why my friend see my strength #1 while my coworkers see my strength #2. What factors could have made the difference? It would be better if you could cite 1 or 2 sentences from the response sheets to support the arguments in your paper.
Sample:“I am outgoing and enthusiastic, which leads me to connect with many different kinds of people. This helps me build good collaborations, something that other people appreciate because it helps them work better with others. For example, in XXX’s feedback, s/he said……People know that I am open to a lot of ideas and encourage them to speak their minds. By being very interested in what others have to say and positive about the contributions they make, I encourage creativity and tolerance. I am able to deal with people from many different backgrounds. For example, YYY said in his/her response that……By recognizing the good intentions and ideas that other people have I am able to help manage conflict between people. I also build confidence in others that they have something to contribute. For example, ZZZ said that……”