Background Study Paper on the book of Hebrews

Instructions attached below;
Instructions for Background Study Paper on the book of Hebrew:Every study of a biblical book requires a certain amount of “background study” for proper interpretation. Before we get too much farther into this book, let’s take the time to identify the historical context. As you will recall from hermeneutics, the historical context of a book examines author, audience, date, etc. We must know these basic issues first. But it’s more than simply saying who wrote the book. You must support that with both internal evidence and external evidence.For this background study paper, we will focus only on the historical context issues. These issues will be assumed in the later theological theme paper and exegesis paper. But let’s clarify them for now. As a result, you will have a permanent summary for your own files the text you get ready to teach or preach this book of the Bible.Write:Write a 6-page background study paper. After a short introduction to the book as a whole, address the following topics in separate paragraphs. Be sure to begin each paragraph with a clear topic sentence (“The author is ….”). Then in the paragraph support that claim with both internal evidence (what does the book itself say) and external evidence (biblical scholarship, early church fathers, etc.).Author – Who wrote the book and what do we know about him?Audience – Who were the recipients? What do we know about them?Date – When was it written and what supports that date?Provenance – Where was the author when they wrote it)Destination – Where was the audience when they received it)Occasion – What led to this book being written?Purpose – What was the author trying to do with the book?Sources:You should consult and cite at least 5 scholarly sources for a passing grade.Consider using the following sources from Logos Bible Software to get you started:Lexham Bible DictionaryTyndale Commentary seriesNew American Commentary seriesStyle:Paper should include an introduction, body, and conclusion.Turabian format is required.