Australian Constitutional Law

Please ensure you do AGLC 4 referencing.
Questions:In 2012 the Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians recommended that section 51(xxvi) of the Australian Constitution, (the race power) be repealed. However, the Uluru Statement from the Heart does not propose amending the race power. The Final Report of the Referendum Council states that ‘“amending or deleting the race power was ranked low in many Dialogues and rejected in other Dialogues” (Referendum Council, Final Report of the Referendum Council (Commonwealth, 2017) 13).Do you support the repeal of section 51(xxvi) of the Australian Constitution? Why or why not?· In your answer you may wish to consider the history of the section; examples of how the power has been used to assist and/or harm Australia’s First Peoples; and any ambiguities (himarsh case) that may currently exist in the interpretation of the section. Support your answer with references such as peer reviewed law journals, book chapters and books. You may also rely on non-scholarly sources such as reports of trusted organisations, newspaper articles and websites. However, you are encouraged to limit your reliance on such sources.