Article reading brief report | Information Systems homework help

Please choose one of the articles listed below.

Write a two-page article summary report (Single-spaced, 350 words or more, 12 points, 1 inch margin, Word file) that contains 1) the summary of the article with 150-200 words  2) key learning points 3) your thoughts and lessons learned (write your rationale(s) with 100 words or more).

Article Reading :- 
– Morkunas, V. J., Paschen, J., & Boon, E. (2019). How blockchain technologies impact your business model. Business Horizons, 62(3), 295-306.
–  Min, H. (2019). Blockchain technology for enhancing supply chain resilience. Business Horizons, 62(1), 35-45.
–  Felin, T., & Lakhani, K. (2018). What problems will you solve with blockchain?. MIT Sloan Management Review, 60(1), 32-38.

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