Art History Disscussion Post

Artworks for Part 1 will be provided in ‘Document A’.
Part 1:Write a brief comparison between two artworks from this week’s readings/lectures. Your post should discuss how they are similar, and why, as well as how they differ, and why. The WHY is the most important part! This usually involves connecting those elements and/or symbols you see with the context/culture.
Part 2:Many of the cultures we learned about this week use patterns and abstract, or stylized, formal qualities in deeply symbolic and meaningful ways. For many of these cultures, naturalism is NOT the goal, but rather conveying deep and complex meaning in visual terms and formal qualities.For this part, choose an artwork from Early Medieval Europe that uses pattern, color, stylized form, or other such qualities to convey meaning (iconography). Post an image of the artwork with its details, then describe those iconographic elements and explain their meaning.
Part 3:Choose an art history artwork for this part. Do a bit of scholarly research on your artwork. You will need to use and cite at least 2 scholarly sources in your post. Explain the artwork’s original cultural context and significance, and then do your best to explain the ‘provenance’ of the artwork (‘Provenance’ means a description of who owns an artwork when). Try to explain to your classmates WHY an artwork is where it currently is, and any potential issues with that relocation.