Professional Presentation – APPLE INCSubmit a professional presentation (Component One). First, you will choose a real-world company that isseeking to reorganize or reinvent itself in the market and that would benefit from a change managementplan. Working as a consultant for this company, you are tasked with developing a plan that includesrecommendations with the goals of maximizing company profit, productivity, and market perception.Before developing the plan, you must first create a comprehensive and professional presentation thatarticulates a convincing need for change.
You should envision yourself giving this presentation to the senior executives of your chosen company or organization. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of their organization and thesituations that established the need for the change. You then need to present an outline of your changemanagement plan in a well-organized and clear manner. You should use innovative and creative methodsthat are reflective of your project goals. Remember that you are seeking support of the proposal, soknowing your audience and tailoring your message to them is crucial.
This presentation MUST include speaker notes and should adhere to the principles of an effectivepresentation. All of your sources should be properly cited. Create a presentation that will convey all of thenecessary information while keeping the attention of your audience.