Activity, discussion and reflections

activity, 2.discussion, and 3. Reflection. 1. Activity Instructions First, find a quiet, comfortable area with minimal distractions. Then, watch the following video on diaphragmatic breathing and follow along. Diaphragmatic Breathing | UCLA Integrative Digestive Health and Wellness Program Once youve followed along with the directions in the video, respond to the prompts below: 1. What sensations, perceptions, etc. did you notice during this activity? 2. How do the ideas explored about breathing today relate to the dimensions of wellness and Maslows Hierarchy of Needs? 3. How does this activity relate to mindfulness, metacognition, and our other course topics? 2. Discussion Character Lab

Responses should be substantive and meaningful. This is your chance to collaborate with your classmates to help everyone connect with our content. is a nonprofit that focuses on taking scientific findings and creating simple, actionable ways to engage them for well-being. For todays discussion, navigate to the website and explore for a while. Then, choose an entry from the Playbooks or Tips sections that you found interesting or enlightening. Then, summarize what you found in a post to share with the class. 3.Reflection: InstructionsRespond to the prompts below to complete todays class. 1. What stood out to you most from todays class? 2. What are some of the strategies you usually use to manage stress and care for yourself? 3. Which, if any, of the strategies explored today might you want to try? 4. Playing with everything youve learned, how can you connect the strategies from todays class to what you learned in the first two classes? 5. Has having learned about metacognition changed your study habits or approach to learning? Why or why not? 6. Can you think of a situation you might encounter in the next week where you could use the S.T.O.P. method to practice mindfulness? 7. What did you think of the Character Lab website? 8. What kind of things do you think you will learn next week in the Barriers to Wellness class?

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