Active Listening and Effective communication

You need to have read the lecture in the Lesson section before coming here.Assignment part 1The first part of the assignment will be addressed in approximately two (maybe three) paragraphs. Why is active listening one of the most important aspects of communication in successful organizations? Your response must demonstrate an understanding of effective communication. Write one paragraph describing how persons may develop active listening skills and the ways in which this skill might help improve interactions at work? You will need to explain your response with supporting theory from the OB text.Assignment part 2B) Read and respond to the following with a carefully thought-out paper that reflects concepts from the text. Concepts from the text and other sources must be cited using APA formats.How would you describe an effective communication process? What are the elements of such a process? Compare and contrast a recent message you would have received from the president of a prestigious University- with the act of bullying you may have witnessed or experienced in the workplace (or classroom). Briefly describe both situations. Describe and evaluate the key elements of communication in both situations. Critically evaluate elements of cross-cultural issues, noise, direction, feedback, and the effectiveness of the method used to communicate. What recommendations would you suggest for improving both messages if necessary, or why you would not change.