After reading chapter-8 from the attached text book and  as you have learned through your readings, closing a deal is both an art and a science.  Due to the variability of the sales interaction, consultants must artfully apply the closing steps at the same time they are administering the steps scientifically when closing a deal.  Conduct research on the art and science of closing a deal and write a reflection essay addressing the following:

Choose either the artist or the scientist standpoint and explain why, in a consulting role, you would be more successful attacking the closing stage from that standpoint.
Why would the method you did not choose, be more difficult for you to implement?
What specific steps and/or training could you complete to improve your skills to strengthen both of these methods?

The answer should be in own words and no plagiarism. Additional references can be used but should be in your own understanding words and cited properly per APA requirement. Please write addressing all 3 questions.