5.7 Hominin Toolkit Worksheet

For this assignment, you are to fill out the Hominin Toolkit WorksheetActionswith information about each of the different toolkits we will be studying in this module and the Module 6. The information about the tool types should come from our Explorations textbook and our course module pages. Any information required by the assignment that is not provided in the textbook or in our module pages you are free to find using the internet, but you should start with the information provided in our class. In addition to the information required on the worksheet, you should provide an image of each toolkit from the internet immediately below the name of the toolkit.Please note that the assignment is due at the end of Module 6, but you should start filling the worksheet out now with the tools we are learning about in this module. The next page in this module is a video lecture on the earliest hominin tools and is where you should start filling out your worksheet. We will continue studying this topic for the next several weeks.