400 reflectionpaper2

Reflection Paper #2: Using the text, Crucial Accountability, you will be making some key discoveries about areas that you both succeed and struggle with in keeping yourself and others accountable.

• Answer, what is a crucial accountability?
After reading the textbook, take the self-assessment test (Appendix A, pp. 247-251) and look at your results. The survey is divided in the seven chapters of the book that cover the crucial accountability skills (five questions each).

Look at your results chapter by chapter.
Choose two of the seven areas where you scored the most “yes” answers.

o Describeacrucialaccountabilitysituationthatyouexperienced.

o Observe,analyze,andreflectonthosetwospecificareas.

o Whereintheprocessdothetwoareasforimprovementexistforyou?
(Choose What and If, Master My Stories, Describe the Gap, Make it Motivating,
Make it Easy, Stay Focused and Flexible, Agree on a Plan and Follow Up)

Does your MVS give you any additional insights as to patterns you have when it comes to

handling issues of accountability?

Create your own best practices (examples are found in the text and the PowerPoint slides).

o Listofhowyoucanimproveyouraccountabilitytoyourselfandothersasyou navigate bad behavior and broken promises in your work/home/school/ life relationships.

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